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Business Partnership Development Sales Marketing  Strategy

Twisted Alchemy was seeking new business, increased brand awareness, and new partnerships at the local and national level.

Refining sales outreach copy and strategy, $237,000 was generated over the course of 10 months. Successfully leading to new partnerships and product placement with Timeout Market, Ace Hotel, and inside local Chicago-based groups Big Onion Hospitality and Gage Hospitality concepts.

​Additionally, both new and increased brand awareness were achieved through strategic activations, pop-ups, and consumer cocktail classes with spirit brands Koval, G4 Tequila, and Ritual Zero Proof. 



Bloody Revolution was seeking strategic deliverables to implement into its new marketing plan. After studying previous years marketing budget allocations, we identified areas to lower costs and still expand its reach. 

​Rather than utilize its full budget, we effectively mapped out a series of low cost and high impact marketing initiatives for sales growth. By leveraging cross-promotion, partnerships, strategic campaigns, and strategic product placement, we delivered what we like to call a "Money Marketing" approach. 

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