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Dorvie is a concierge service designed for seniors and those who have retired at home. As a current client; we’ve worked on identifying Dorvie’s strategic growth channels, map target markets and territories, and formalize ongoing operational strategies. 

What was once designed as a B2C service; we were able to implement a B2B strategy that has accelerated Dorvie’s growth into new markets in a year and a half. With creation of a white-labeling partner offering for senior living communities; Dorvie has expanded from Washington D.C. to the Connecticut, Pittsburgh, Ohio, Chicago, North Carolina, San Antonio, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Grand Rapids, and Nashville markets. 

To maintain pace of expanding Dorvie's new market presence, we developed partnerships with national service provider brands Ace Handyman and Neighborly. Our overarching growth strategy has also allowed Dorvie to extend into the residential and coworking markets as an amenity offering to clients such as ALX Community and Related Properties.

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