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Kino by Kinetx

Kino by Kinetx


Kino by Kinetx is a startup video platform that feels more personal, creating space among users without the feeling of being disconnected from the group. With larger competitors in the video meeting space, carving out a niche in the market required finesse growth strategies and alliances to reach the desired end-user in remote work, eLearning, and virtual events.


Peel’s low cost strategy for eLearning involved aligning Kino as the official virtual teaching platform with remote teaching organizations at both a national and worldwide level. These channels led to an uptick in the eLearning space in both Europe and the U.S. through an organic domino effect of reaching organizational members in the education sector.


To lower remote work customer acquisition costs and increase brand awareness simultaneously, we leveraged integration and marketing partnerships to expand our offerings and reach new users. By adding a virtual whiteboard and project management tool to Kino, the platform is now more equipped to accommodate the remote workforce from a team collaboration perspective. Kino’s integration partner channels have increased subscribers by 68% in 9 months.

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